Monday, August 30, 2004

first day.

Bassist by night, geek by day. Musicians in the know would probably say that's redundant, and for the most part they'd be right. It's amazing how many bass players exist in the IT world- my theory is that it's partly due to a perfect marriage between computing science and music (each combining left- and right-brained activity, to synthesize abstraction and concrete reality), and partly due to the servant's role played by both, either supporting users or the groove.

Anyway. I've worked for the last few years as a network administrator (integrated environment of Novell and Windows...egads what a nightmare) and have finally moved on to my "dream" position as a DBA (database administrator, if you're not familiar). First day on the job, not much has happened so far. Cool mid-sized software company, good young team to work with. Should be fun.

And the bass part? I play weddings, concerts, private parties, churches, whatevah. Money talks. I'm not entirely mercenary but it helps ;)

Enough for now...


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